Fire Sprinkler Head Relocation Services in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

Expanding your building or creating adjacent workspaces of any kind often comes with more work than is expected, and that includes safety regulations. To help you and your business successfully transition, we offer fire sprinkler head relocation services in Greater Pittsburgh, PA, for scenarios of any size. No expansion or building remodeling is too small, large, or complex for our teams to tackle. Read below for more information on how we relocate fire sprinkler heads.

Safe System Closure

The need for fire sprinkler head relocation services varies based on building size, function, expansions, and the capacities of new working areas. In some cases, sprinkler heads do not need to be relocated; new water lines with new sprinkler heads can be added to existing pipe networks. In the event that a full relocation is needed, our team can handle the entire transition in an efficient, damage-free manner.

New Pipe Fitting and Network Adjustments

Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler teams work closely with your staff to address necessary building adjustments and any special areas of access required for our work. Our emphasis is always to be minimally invasive—we keep turnaround times fast, costs low, and your building’s appearance and function preserved.

Fire Marshal Inspection and Final Checks

Since fire protection systems rely on fine-tuned accuracy that must perform within a moment’s notice, local fire marshal inspection is the final step in our fire sprinkler head relocation process. We’re grateful for our local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), who give the final go-ahead that buildings are all clear and systems run as expected.

Upon successful system completion and inspection, we brief your team on all the changes and modifications that were completed. We maintain records of all equipment relocations in our changelogs, which help provide your business with maintenance services moving forward. All aspects of our fire sprinkler services are implemented with NFPA adherence in mind for continual safety and efficiency.

Are you in need of our fire sprinkler head relocation services? Contact our team today and we’ll get back to you promptly. We look forward to serving you!

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