Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Traditional sprinklers and extinguishers aren’t suitable for all businesses. Some establishments need suppression systems that minimize flames without disrupting materials. These special systems are essential for unique applications such as power plants, historical archives, laboratories, and aircraft hangers.

Defining Special Hazards

“Special hazards” include but are not limited to rooms containing possessions of exceptionally high value; areas containing irreplaceable assets; and areas where produced items hold greater value than the equipment itself.

Depending on the industry, a special hazard may be a building, room, or piece of equipment. You’ll find special hazards in museums, data collection centers, testing facilities, and manufacturing plants. Traditional fire alarms and sprinklers aren’t suitable for these places because they’ll do more harm than good. For example, water exposure to an ancient artifact can lead to irreversible damage.

Luckily, special hazard fire suppression includes agents such as clean agents and dry chemicals to extinguish fires without ruining property.

What Does Special Hazard Fire Suppression Protect?

Special hazard fire protection systems suppress fires when sprinklers aren’t appropriate as the first means of protection. They protect people, limit asset loss, and decreases business interruptions. Minimized damage to buildings saves money and reduces the amount of revenue lost. Additionally, the suppression agents don’t hinder unique assets such as historical artifacts or complex equipment.

Benefits of a Special Hazard System

Specific industries can’t afford asset damage. Damaged or ruined artifacts, equipment, and medical supplies can interrupt entire establishments. However, when a fire erupts, special hazard fire suppression acts as the first line of defense against flames, detecting smoke and putting out the fire to prevent important data from going up in flames.

Seek the Best Installation Services

Installing and maintaining a special hazard fire protection system requires a qualified specialist. To get the most out of your equipment, let Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler install your protection system. Our certified technicians have the tools and expertise to get the job done! We’re here to serve the Greater Pittsburgh, PA, area.

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