Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler offers kitchen fire suppression systems for restaurants. Protect your workers and your property.

Why Restaurants Need Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial buildings such as restaurants are at the greatest risk of fires. Cooking with high temperatures and open flames can put the area at risk of trouble. Although trained chefs understand kitchen safety, problems can still arise—even a small misstep can result in a kitchen fire.

In times of crisis, people assume that fire extinguishers are the best solutions. However, extinguishers are not conducive to commercial kitchens, and water makes grease fires worse. Furthermore, containing a fire in a busy kitchen environment can be challenging. So what do restaurants need? These establishments need kitchen fire suppression systems to quickly extinguish fires.

These systems release a wet chemical that suppress cooking and grease fires. Essentially, the chemicals react to various agents to ensure flames don’t reignite. This protects workers, patrons, and kitchen property.

How Do Suppression Systems Work?

Kitchen fire prevention is a relevant topic for all commercial kitchens. After all, no one wants to risk the safety of their cooks or visitors or experience property damage. To minimize problems, suppression systems connect to the hood and over appliances. When a fire erupts, the systems activate responses that suppresses fires.

When a fire breaks out, three automatic responses occur. First, the gas line shuts off. Then, the suppression system releases the wet chemical from the nozzles The hood’s ventilation system also turns on to get smoke out of the building.

The responses happen quickly to mitigate the fire—more quickly than a human could act. That’s why the system is a kitchen must-have.

Health and Safety Considerations

Kitchen fire systems are necessary for restaurants. Smoke inhalation and flames are dangerous to workers, and uncontained fires can spread quickly throughout restaurants, putting patrons at risk of injuries, too. Set up the first line of defense against fires with a suppression system.

At Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler, we’re happy to provide any fire protection services you need to protect valuable assets—lives and work property. If you’d like to get a quote or hear more from a member of our team, please contact us here. At Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler, your safety is our priority!

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