Regular and 5-Year Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Services

Properly constructed fire sprinkler networks using high-quality materials don’t require frequent updates, but that doesn’t mean inspections or repairs are a thing of the past. Quite the contrary, in fact—national regulations mandate periodic check-ups for most types of fire suppression systems. It’s important that your building receives fire sprinkler system inspection services on a regular schedule, so it can operate seamlessly in an emergency. Below, we’ve compiled useful details about our services in Greater Pittsburgh, PA.

NFPA-Led Inspection Efforts

It’s important to note that fire system inspections and testing entail different activities. During an inspection, observations are made throughout your entire system for any defects, broken components, or areas that need addressing. We also test each component of your fire suppression system and ensure that they work properly.

All of our inspections are based on the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA-25) standards for inspection, testing, and maintenance of sprinkler systems. These national guidelines ensure all buildings receive the same level of care and attention, regardless of building size or purpose. During an inspection, we’ll check valves, sprinkler heads, fire alarm panel connections, and air and water pressure, among other areas.

In addition to quarterly, semi, and annual inspections, we also offer 5-year internal fire sprinkler inspections. This inspection is a visual inspection of the inside of the sprinkler system. This is important to check for organic or inorganic growth occurring in the pipes. These growths may have the potential of obstructing sprinkler heads and reducing water flow. Over time, these growths can cause the integrity of the system to deteriorate. This is why a 5-year internal fire sprinkler inspection should never be overlooked.

Local Jurisdiction Guidelines

Your local jurisdiction establishes the parameters of how frequently your building type should be inspected. We work with all Authority-Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) in Greater Pittsburgh, PA, to plan out appropriate fire sprinkler system inspection services for your business.

Depending on where your building is located and its purpose, it may need monthly inspections, or less frequent check-ups like annual reviews. Our teams are equipped to help you with any inspection interval.

Long-Term Fire Protection

A well-built fire sprinkler system can last years with the proper care and maintenance outlined in the NFPA-25 guidelines. After an inspection, we inform you of our findings to ensure that you, your teams, and your property are protected against fire accidents around the clock. Whether that entails replacement parts in one area of your system’s circuit, new sprinkler heads, or anything in between, Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler is committed to your safety in any situation.

If you need any type or frequency of fire sprinkler system inspection, we have you covered. Contact us today to receive a quote!

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