Fire Protection System Installation and Maintenance Services in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

When you need a reliable fire protection or sprinkler system, having the right team on the job makes a world of difference for the safety of both people and personal property. Throughout nearly half a century’s worth of creating fire protection systems and implementing them, we’ve developed processes that excel no matter your building’s age or type. Read about our fire protection system installation and sprinkler system maintenance services below.

Full-System Design

The most important aspect of any fire sprinkler system installation is that it works for your type of building—including the building’s capacity, function, and location. Whether you need completely new fire protection system installation services in Greater Pittsburgh, PA, or are retrofitting a building, our teams have plenty of experience with both. We’ll design plans based on your building’s hazard class, occupancy code, and the International Building Code’s (IBC) requirements. All designs are in accordance with NFPA codes. Optimal fire sprinkler systems are not only designed by professionals, but they’re also planned with maximum safety in mind.

Comprehensive Testing and Operational Assurance

Fire sprinkler systems are known to require perfect attention to detail in every capacity to work during any emergency. Verifying that each individual component works successfully with the entire system takes meticulous testing; of course, each member of our team is well-trained in said testing. From the first steps of implementation to final checks, our fire sprinkler system installation services afford complete peace of mind.

Professional Maintenance on a Regular Basis

After the successful installation of your new or improved fire sprinkler equipment and all tests have passed, we prioritize the easy operation of your system for years to come. Our teams are always available to offer appropriate fire sprinkler system maintenance services to keep your equipment in top condition. Depending on your building type and local regulations, our teams may engage in annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly testing. Our staff is trained to easily identify and resolve common fire protection and sprinkler shortcomings, such as broken equipment or faulty connections. With Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler, you get the expert touch every time.

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