Fire Sprinkler System Backflow Testing and Certified Repair Services

Backflow Testing: What It Is, and Why It Is Important

An essential step of any building fire prevention check is fire sprinkler system backflow testing. A backflow preventer is a device that restricts the reverse flow of water back into the public water supply, which could contaminate water. By having as many as necessary installed in your building, you ensure any water used for testing purposes or emergencies is isolated properly and doesn’t accidentally threaten public health.

As part of our fire sprinkler system backflow testing procedures, Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler will verify that your backflow preventers are installed and that they’re functioning uninhibited. Larger buildings often need more than one backflow preventer; our teams can install additional ones if needed. Pittsburgh Fire Sprinkler technicians are fully certified to install, test, and repair backflow preventers through the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE). Our technicians are thoroughly experienced in handling these procedures in an expedient fashion, as well.

Common System Repair Needs

Due to the nature of water-based fire protection systems, freezing and over pressurizing are two common issues that damage equipment if precautions are not put in place. Exterior corrosion is another possibility, especially with older pipelines or pipes that have not been maintained properly over time. Also, human carelessness—while less common—can certainly break or impair pipes. Our fire sprinkler system repair services are always available whenever you need them in Greater Pittsburgh, PA. If it’s an emergency, call us here right away, and we’ll have a team dispatched to you immediately, 24/7/365.

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